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Reporting Illness/Injury

If your child is ill, report the symptoms and/or any diagnosed communicable condition. Please contact your school nurse if your child has any injury or illness that will require modifications in his/her school day, prior to returning to school.

Information discussed with the school nurse is held confidential unless it interferes with the safety of students or others. The Student Assistance Team (SAP) is also available for students.

Please contact the student's individual teacher's voicemail or email for homework or homework questions. Homebound instruction may be requested after three weeks absence.

Dismissal from the Nurse's Office

If your child becomes ill at school and needs to go home, the Health Service staff will attempt to contact a parent/guardian first. The emergency contact on the student's emergency card will be contacted if we feel your child needs to go home and we are unable to reach a parent/guardian. Students are not to use their cellphone to have their parent/guardian pick them up if they are ill. The school nurse must assess the student and deem if it is appropriate for the student to go home.

With a few exceptions, your child will not be allowed to leave school without contacting either a parent/guardian, or a listed emergency contact. Please update the health office with any changes in these contacts.